Working with Service Connections

Service Connections or Payment Services are an alternative to collecting payments via credit card directly at the time of order entry. With payment services, you can show a link to a credit card payment form directly on your invoices. Details on setting up payment services and working with payment services can be found in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central documentation here

When NAV-X Credit Card is installed, a payment service called “EBizCharge Connect” is already created and enabled. You can update the settings to always include the link in an invoice. Details on how to enter them can be found here.

In addition to defining the EBizCharge Connect payment service as the default payment service for all documents or defining a specific payment service on a document, you can also define a payment service to be used as the default by customer.  This can be done with the “Change Default Payment Service” action on the Customer Card.

If you have not enabled any of the configured payment services yet, a message will be displayed for you to choose between setting up and enabling an existing payment service or creating a new payment service. If you select to setup a payment service, a list of all existing payment services will be displayed and you can complete the setup and enable the EBizCharge Connect Payment Service as described here.

Once you have an enabled payment service, you can select this one from the list of available services, which then will be shown in the field “Default Payment Service” on the “Payments” fasttab on the Customer Card.