Staying Safe with Customer Invoicing and Bill Pay Portal technology for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV

With today’s requirement of social distancing and reducing multiple physical “touchpoints”, Businesses are beginning to look at ways of staying safe while streamlining customer invoicing, billing, and payments.

NAV-X Credit Card provides for customer payment portals that enhance the payment experience for your customers. It also eliminates the touching of physical checks and mail. Additionally, it can reduce the trouble of collecting payments on outstanding invoices.   

We maintain strict compliance protocols including high-level encryption and tokenization. Therefore, you do not expose your customers’ banking and credit card data to any parties.

A Better Experience for Both the Customer and You

As technology, on-line banking, and e-commerce have progressed, the way we use technology has changed, too. Customers expect fast and convenient interactions with businesses. They want to streamline communications and make their processes more efficient.

How the process is made easier and results in much better cash flow.

  • With NAV-X Credit Card, Invoices are generated electronically from Business Central and Dynamics NAV. Eliminate the time to print and physically mail them, which is that much more difficult when people are socially distanced.
  • Customers receive those invoices instantly versus the extended mail transport times with today’s environment
  • Customers can pay by ‘eCheck’ (ACH) or Credit Card (your choices) instantly. There is no need for one person to print checks. Then mail to a supervisor for approval and signature. Then mail to you for receipt, then for you to scan and deposit the paper check and await clearing. Customers can do this from a desktop PC or mobile device
  • Your customer’s employees and your employees are never at risk of COVID-19 and can stay safe. No paper is physically changing hands between multiple parties.
  • You can automatically apply the payment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV. There is no need for your Accounts Receivables (AR) employees to match the check with invoices and make applications. Your customer can even make partial payments and choose which invoices to pay.

The Credit Card Customer Portals give you the option to accept partial payments. You can visually customize your portal to improve your brand recognition. Features such as automated email reminders allow you to fine-tune your customer’s experience.

If you are looking to reduce your “touchpoints” and want more efficient and streamlined accounting processes, consider NAV-X Credit Card for your company. Make an additional step to staying safe during these times. Besides being able to now take credit cards and ‘eChecks’, you also get an invoicing portal. And that data automatically syncs back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV.

How can I get NAV-X Credit Card?

You can get the app directly on Microsoft AppSource or from your partner. NAV-X Credit Card is available for Business Central. It is also available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Don’t have a partner? You can contact one of our partners or also contact us directly.

Available on Microsoft AppSource - reduce your fees with NAV-X Credit Card

Business Central Credit Card Processing by NAV-X is available on Microsoft AppSource.